Textured Watercolors

Updated: Feb 25

Exploring textures and additives to create subtle effects in watercolor, so fun and fascinating to see the interactions between these concoctions, the paper, and pigment. Here are some favorite tips and recipes!

Texture Tools

Splatter method: I dip the brush bristles into the additive, masking fluid, water, or paint and drag over the edge of the seashell, this creates a fine misted, mottled effect. Different sized shells, and bristles create different splatter patterns. This brush is the Ben Nye Mini Splatter Brush found at Makeup Medley I sawed off the handle for ease of use.

Spray method: Use spray bottles to mist your paper just as it is almost dry to add micro blooms

Texture Medium / Winsor & Newton

What a lovely textured finish, I applied a thin coat of 20% Winsor and Newton Texture Medium for watercolors, mixed with 80% water, using a paintbrush. Once dry I painted watercolors as I normally would. This mixture allowed for texture effects without altering the way watercolors behaved. I also tried thicker mixtures (more texture medium) but found the watercolors were no longer predictable. As an added bonus I learned this acted as a lift preparation and even staining colors lifted well with this used as a base.

Sea Spray

After painting by the sea with ocean water, I discovered its beautiful effects on watercolor. Once home, I boiled a pot of water, added sea salt until dissolved, allowed to cool, and then sprayed onto wet watercolor. This swatch has a very heavy application of the sea spray to show its crystallizing effects. LOVE this spray and use it often.

Tip: try spraying on your watercolor while wet and then blowing with your dryer for directional patterns!

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