Salty Watercolors

Updated: Feb 25

My studio has been salty, trying various salt mixtures experimenting with textures. “Sometimes a pinch of salt is all you need to take something bland, and make it absolutely delicious. -Bethany Lopez

Pure Salt:

This waterfall was painted without masking fluid, instead I laid a pile of salt on the top of the waterfall and then poured the paint and water down its center, allowing it to blend into the salt and pull it downwards pooling at the bottom, creating an illusion of spray. Once dried, I gently brushed off the salt revealing the white it had preserved.

In the close ups you can see how it gave a grainy finish, and even created directional sprays.

Magic Salt:

To make Magic Salt, add some water and liquid Peerless Watercolors to sea salt, stirring until well blended, allow to dry completely, stir again, and then use as you would regular salt. The difference is these salts will also leave a deposit of color!

"Love this inverse effect, it’s like the color particles have a halo around them. -Nisha Sehjpal

Gold Magic Salt + Granulation Spray:

Granulation Spray = Mix 50% water to 50% Winsor and Newton Granulatation Medium in a spray bottle.

Gold Magic Salt = Mix water, salt, Lukas Gold and Qor Iridescent Pearl Watercolor till blended, allow to dry completely, stir and its ready to sprinkle!

Spray wet paint with Granulation Spray and then add a pinch of Gold Magic Salt for this amazing sandy beach effect!

Sea Spray:

(Boil a pot of water, add a few cups of sea salt until dissolved, allow to cool, pour into spray bottle and then spray onto wet watercolor)

You can also adjust the spray by how far and high you hold the bottle. Holding high and allowing the mist from your spray bottle to cascade down allows for a subtle effect while holding closer and giving a blast of spray creates a dramatic pattern to develop. Further, if you hold your paper at an angle you can give it directional lines!

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