Buffy Michelle Kaufman 


Born and raised in Southern California, Buffy Kaufman uses intriguing color choices

and delicate technique, creating captivating pieces that draw you in.

She finds inspiration in the colors and textures of nature in the desert, mountains, and coastline. She grew up surrounded by artisans, Grandpa Sam a woodworker, Dad Mike

a bow maker, and Uncle Pat a flint knapper, each worked skillfully by hand with nature.

She strives to capture that grit in her watercolors. 

Being self-taught, she understands the importance of having a pathway to study art. 

Buffy enjoys recycling her studies into instruction. Her teaching background includes 8 years serving as an art mentor to at-risk youth and teaching children’s art classes. In 2019, she transitioned to teaching adult watercolor classes, offering both in person and online workshops. In this season of life, she has found the blessings of community through art, and is forever grateful to each who have been a part of her journey. She is a Signature Member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society, a Brand Ambassador for Daniel Smith, and an Art Instructor at The Fallbrook School of the Arts and The Green Art House.




Daniel Smith Brand Ambassador

Signature Member of Louisiana Watercolor Society

San Diego Watercolor Society Member

The Green Art House Instructor

Fallbrook School of the Arts Instructor


 2022  Louisiana Watercolor Society 52nd Annual International Exhibition

2021  Louisiana Watercolor Society 51st Annual International Exhibition

2020  Louisiana Watercolor Society 50th Annual International Exhibition

2022 San Diego Watercolor Society's Summer Triennial Exhibition

2022 San Diego Watercolor Society's Spring Triennial Exhibition

2022 San Diego Watercolor Society Winter Triennial Exhibition

2021 San Diego Watercolor Society 41st International Exhibition 

2022 | 3rd Annual Women in Watercolor International Competition

2020 | 1st Annual Women in Watercolor International Competition


2022 Women in Watercolor Abstract Finalist  

2020 FAA Spring Show 3rd Place 

2019 FAA 1st Place Mixed Media 

2018 FAA 2nd Place Watercolor

2017 Threadless Design Challenge, 1K Grand Prize

Romans 11:36

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Bow Maker
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Mountain Men



11/2022 Hawaii Watercolor Society Atmospheric Waves 

Classes:  Weekly Watercolor Study 

Location: The Green Art House at Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook, CA 

Wednesdays - Time: 9:30-12:30 - Cost: $40 -  Level: beginner and up


YouTube Channel offering over 100 free watercolor tutorials, demo's, and product reviews 

ETCHR Collection: Paint and Pour Palm Trees , Colourful Waterscapes 

to inquire and/or enroll email bk@watercolorpour.com

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